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Larry       *  The Beatles  Alice Cooper  Chuck Berry  AC/DC

Jesse     *  The Beatles  Aerosmith  Black Crows  Thin Lizzy  Guns & Roses   Stone Temple Pilots

Dakka    *  Alice Cooper  Black Sabbath  ZZ Top  Frank Zappa  Jimi Hendrix  

Squirty  *  Black Sabbath  Styx  Alice In Chains  Puscifer  Snot  Chevelle  Meshuggah 

Two things are certain in Rock and Roll.

Music is in the blood and good music is timeless.

With this in mind, Lucid Louie play to their strengths by delivering equal doses of each combined with an understanding of not only what made music great in the past but also what it needs to thrive in the future.

Bending classic rock such as the guitar driven sounds of Thin Lizzy laced with the groove and feel of Deep Purple and the subtle aggression of Aerosmith with a spattering of modern rock reminiscent ofThe Black Crowes and Rose Tattoo, Lucid Louie have taken the rock and roll template and infused it with their unique mixture of sassiness and musical prowess. With a diverse and electric musical background, Lucid Louie have unwittingly combined the best elements of their past to create a familiar, yet fresh sound that while drawing parallels to some of the finest in their profession displays an aural output that is unmistakably their own.

Forget the next big trend or the current flavour of the week and instead lend your ears to a group made up of seasoned musicians who have not only been there and done that, but have also learnt and bettered themselves for the experience. 

Lucid Louie are based in Brisbane but are prepared to travel far and wide in pursuit of their musical dream.